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Edesix is a leading manufacturer of body worn video systems in the United Kingdom. They manufacture and supply body worn video cameras which are proven to help prevent abuse and improve the safety of security teams on the frontline in construction.

In site security, where there is a responsibility to protect your own staff and also anyone who works at or visits the site, body worn video helps to ensure standards are maintained and appropriate actions taken to ensure a safe environment.

VideoBadge is the powerful body worn video system from Edesix. The robust, lightweight cameras fix easily to clothing and can be activated by a single touch from the wearer. They record high quality video and audio for up to eight hours continuously and the captured data is securely encrypted to prevent unauthorized access and misuse.

Edesix body worn video systems are used in many instances including but not limited to prevention of physical and verbal abuse against staff and to calm confrontations; as people are more likely to modify their behavior once they know they are being recorded.

Body worn video security systems are also shown to reduce the number of complaints against staff. The reasons for this are two-fold; the staff member knows their words and actions are being recorded and are more likely to handle the situation professionally, and the person they are dealing with is less likely to make a false allegation when they are also being recorded.

When an altercation or incident does occur VideoBadge is always on hand to capture the evidence. With a standby time of 72 hours and recording duration of 8 hours it is available to use throughout the working day. The cameras record high quality video in both bright and low light conditions and the audio is optimized to capture conversations and reduce background noise. Each frame of the video is time and date stamped and a full audit trail is available for evidence purposes.

By preventing abuse and false complaints and helping to enforce policy and procedures, body worn video encourages safer workplaces with improved security which can, in turn, save time and money for the organization.


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