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Ekobustas is a family business that produces prefabricated houses and wooden houses. It was established in 1998. During those times, the company’s production was exported mostly to Germany. However, time passed and their markets expanded.

Prefabricated houses are very popular in Scandinavian countries – soon Ekobustas started cooperation with local businesses in Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and France. About 90% of production is exported to other countries. The company is always searching for new partners with whom it could work all over the world. Mobility and flexibility are one of the most important features of Ekobustas.

Ekobustas, translated from Lithuanian, means ecological home. Therefore, the company is glad to state that the products of Ekobustas are ecological and produced at competitive prices. The constructed by Ekobustas had already gained support and attention from a lot of residents from other countries and that simply means that they are on the right track.
the company is situated in a small town – Liudyne, near industrial center Panevezys in North-Eastern region of Lithuania. They have 1500 square meters of production area. It is a strategic place because several ports are easily accessible: Riga and Klaipeda and provides export window to Scandinavia and Western Europe.

Some of their products include: Prefab houses, Modern houses, Classic houses, Passive houses, Holiday houses. Technology used is applied in External walls, Internal walls, Floor and ceiling, Roof, Windows and doors and TEK10, A class house.

According to the company, clients should not think that prefabricated houses are cheap or “cheaper”. Of course, they are cheaper than brick houses, but their beauty is not in the price. It is the high quality that can be reached by working in controlled environment 70 percent of project’s implementation time (in factory).

One of the advantages is also the speed – from the very idea to real house it takes only 4-5 months what is impossible for brick house projects. The trend towards energy-efficiency will increase what will also increase business for prefabricated housing since the quality is very high and high energy efficiency can be reached.



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