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EKOL Co. Ltd., Brno was founded in 1991. All employees of the company have years of experience working in the field of power technology. The activities of the company and its production programs are focused on progressive technical solutions in this field. The aim of the company is to provide the customer with the deliveries of equipment or services, as well as the construction of turnkey projects. According to the investor’s requirements, we provide complex solutions, starting from the initial studies through design and construction works, supply of equipment, installation and commissioning of the plant.

The activities of the EKOL Company in the field of gas turbines include the complete overhaul and modernization of equipment in operation, supply of spare parts, repair and maintenance of equipment. The result of the jobs leads to the significant improvement of operation parameters and to reduction of harmful emissions of this turbine equipment. These are mainly the following types of gas turbines: GT 750-6 a GTK 10, FRAME 1, FRAME 3 (MS 3002I), FRAME 5 (MS 5001), FRAME 6 (MS 6001), FRAME 9 (MS 9001), THN 1202, 1203 a 1304, LM 2 500, LM 5000 a LM 6000, UGT 2500, UGT 3000, UGT 6000, UGT 10 000, UGT 15 000 a UGT 25 000.

A great contribution to the ecological operation of gas turbines brings also the installation of electric starter equipment and reconstruction of the combustion chambers for reduction of harmful emissions.

EKOL Company deals also with the supplies and/or reconstruction and modernization of complementary equipment related to the above gas turbines, such as regenerative heat exchangers, inlet and exhaust ducts, including HR boilers for hot water and steam; lubrication; guidance and control systems for turbine sets; electrical equipment and other supplies according to the requirements of individual operators and customers.

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