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Electrotechnics Corporation, also known as ELTEC, manufactures variety of products for the traffic industry and warning systems in both solar as well as AC (120 volts). For almost 50 years they are the preferred supplier of traffic warning systems and products for many municipalities, state Departments of Transportation and local contractors.  Their products are purchased by government agencies responsible for road safety.

Their product range includes; Mikros EIC (ELTEC Intelligent Controller), TimeSync1-GPS, FS-2A DC Flasher, and several programmable time clock models:SYSTEM 3000 Network/IP, TC-18 Scalable Based Controller, and the NTC-17E.  Each clock can be programmed from a computer using the DLPRO Software.

ELTECoffers a solar powered intersection controller; solar power allows installations independent of power grid. Their state-of-the-art traffic controller with a built-in conflict monitor, the Mikros EIC is a superefficient DC controller for solar powered traffic applications. Itoffers the lowest power consumption in the industry making stand-alone solar powered traffic signals a reality. From pedestrian (hybrid) beacon systems to four-phase intersection control, this innovative controller represents a true paradigm shift in controller design withsimple user interface for system status & programming.

ELTEC’s TimeSync1-GPS allow cities to create a Time Based Coordination (TBC) when a network is not feasible.  Traffic flows when the RYG signals are coordinated.

The FS-2A DC flasher is used in the assembly of solar powered cabinets to flash (ON/OFF) a single beacon or wig-wag dual beacons for traffic warning signals.

They are pursuing interested distributors in Africa.



Electrotechnics Corporation (ELTEC)

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