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Elementis Specialties Inc. provides innovative rheology control additives that are used to enhance the performance of customers’ products and is part of Elementis plc group.

In 2013, Elementis plc had annual sales of more than $775 million and employed approximately 1,200 people worldwide. The Company has more than 30 locations, including 16 manufacturing sites, in 8 countries. Elementis plc has a premium listing on the UK London Stock Exchange and is a member of the FTSE 250 Index, making it one of the 350 largest companies in the UK by market capitalization, and is also a member of the FTSE4Good Index. Best in class product quality, technical support and customer service are the critical competencies of Elementis Specialties Inc. and provide the platform to deliver value to the personal care, coatings and oil field drilling markets.

Their BENTONE® OC is a rheological additive based on untreated hectorite clay with a defined particle size. It is suitable for thickening and control of workability and flow of mineral-based construction systems.

BENTONE® OC can be added to the system as a dry powder. By wetting with water and mixing either by hand or machine the high shear dispersion conditions will separate the clay platelets and the product will become rheologically active. When used in a paste system BENTONE® OC should be activated with high shear equipment.
Recommended use level of BENTONE® OC

The addition levels are system-dependent. In plasters usually 0.1–0.3% is used. Typical levels in other systems range from 0.1-3.0% BENTONE OC, based on the total formulation. BENTONE® OC can be combined with other thickening agents without problems.

According to Cor Van Rossum, Elementis Specialties Marketing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, their products are currently available in Africa and being supplied by their designated distributors Carst & Walker for South Africa and Chemical Partners for the other countries in Africa.

On the current trends Cor added that trends towards more environmentally friendlier products (i.e. from solvent-borne to waterborne formulations)are being driven by legislation and end customer demand.
Additional trends are for those products that are easier to handle in the manufacturing environment and increase production output, as well as those products that bring higher efficiency to lower cost in use while also providing application advantages which in turn provide performance differentiation.

Elementis Specialties Inc
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