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“ELT, Ltd” was founded in 1993 in Zaporozhye, Ukraine as an adjustment and repair enterprise in electrical industry.

Nowadays, the company specializes on export and wholesale supplies of almost full range of electrical equipment (different high-voltage transformers, dry transformers, electric reactors, etc.).

“ELT, Ltd” LLC offers only high quality equipment of Ukrainian companies.

Since 2011 “ELT, Ltd” company is the general distributor of European epoxy resins Vilepox/Vilter in Ukraine. The manufacturer of these resins is “KORAX, Kft”(Budapest, Hungary). Vilepox/Vilter epoxy resins are intended for almost any use in electrical and electronical industry.

The company offers the following equipment:High-voltage low power transformers, Welding transformers, Single-Phase Transformers, Three-Phase transformers, Dry Type Furnace Transformers, Three-Phase Low Voltage Transformers, Three-Phase High Voltage Transformers and Current Limiting Reactors

“ELT, Ltd” LLC offers high-voltage low Power transformers ОСВЛп-1,25-10(6) of  its own production.

The transformers are supplied with safety devices with fuses of German companySIBA.

High-voltage low power transformers ОСВЛп-1,25-10(6) are intended fortransformation of the electric power of 10 kV and ensuring power supply of theequipment of the alarm system and automatic lock-out of the railroads and otherdevices of 220B.

Single-phase transformer ОСВЛп-1,25-10(6) provides power supply of chains of own needs of points of sectioning and the automatic inclusion of a reserve of electric networks 10kB, for application in the complete distributing devices and incombined chambers, and also for power supply of cathodic protection.

“ELT, Ltd” LLC also offers welding transformers ТВК-75м of its own production.Single-phase welding transformers ТВК-75м are intended for power supply of contact electroweldingmachines. Transformers ТВК-75м is used to power supply of contact welding works in multipoint and single-point installations.

According to experts in the company, the main trend to in their opinion is the good balance between price and quality. Nobody wants to pay extra money without a good reason. The variety of offers is huge but it’s very important to find the product of high quality and worth its money. It is the science clients must learn.

“ELT, Ltd” LLC
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