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EMX Industries, Inc. was established in 1987 with the primary goal of supplying the gate, overhead door and parking industries with innovative sensors and controls.

Today, EMX designs and manufactures access control products that are used in a broad spectrum of applications and in many industries. The company works with companies in the access control, security, fence, gate and door operator and parking markets.

EMX also designs, manufactures and sells specialty sensors for factory and process automation. EMX sensors are used in automotive, packaging, labeling, metal stamping, paper and wood processing, plastics, electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The Ultraloop Multi-Voltage Vehicle Detector by EMX Industries is a universal fit for any installation. The ULT-MVP will auto adjust to a wide range of voltages ranging from 9VDC to 240VAC in a space saving design. Reduce inventory costs by stocking and transporting just one universal unit. The ULT-MVP also features the ULTRAMETER™ sensitivity display and the EMX exclusive DETECT-ON-STOP™ or DOS® technology. This feature activates the secondary relay only when the vehicle stops on the loop. It’s a detector operating system so smart it can distinguish between moving and stopped vehicles.

The Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector by EMX Industries is a loop-less drive-thru vehicle sensor. The USVD-4X reliably detects cars in applications where it is too expensive or difficult to cut loops. Simply mount the unit on a post or order box and point towards the location that the vehicle would pass to initiate a transaction. No additional set-up or adjustments required. The operating range is from 1 ft. to 5 ft. and it delivers 30cm gap detection between two tailgating cars. The USVD-4X is suitable for fast food, parking, banking, pharmacy, and carwash drive-thru operations.


EMX Industries, Inc.

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