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Energex is a German company located in the south of Germany and have been in the energy and water saving business for the last 15 years, helping customers to not only save energy, water and electricity, but actually also money with their simple and effective products along with their retrofit systems.

They specialize in lighting and water saving possibilities. Offering various solutions from LED to induction lighting and T5 adapters. Induction lighting is a great way to save on expensive and wasteful high bay lamps. With their T5 adapters you can easily convert old T8 lamps to energy efficient T5 lamps without having to change the housing, it’s a simple plug n play solution, installable within 2 minutes and savings are about 50 percent on electricity.

Energex Energiespartechnik GmbHTheir products are suitable for hotels, universities, office buildings, prisons, residential areas and many more. Energex sees great potential in the rising African markets in which energy and money saving is naturally also an issue. Due to the simple and cost efficiency of their products they can help reduce energy and electricity consumption.

Michael James from Energex says that potential buyers should make sure the quality of what you are purchasing is good, as there are a lot of low quality products on the market, which in the end can cause big problems.