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SANY exports first 600-ton all terrain crane to Qatar

When the 600-ton all terrain crane SAC6000 was successfully handed over to Qatari company AlAnis at SANY’s Ningxiang Industrial Park, Hunan province, it renewed the record for the SANY Heavy Industry exporting large-tonnage crane overseas.

“It’s a great pleasure to work with SANY. I believe this crane will make significant contribution to the construction in Qatar,” said Mr. MOHAMMAD, AlAnis general manager.

The green coating makes the SAC6000 much more distinctive. The whole machine, for the first time, uses environmentally friendly painting, creating an impressive appearance.

Equipped with 8-axle chassis and numerous innovative technologies, SAC6000 features strong power, low fuel consumption and easy operation. SAC6000 can work in various mountain road conditions and fully satisfy the hoisting requirements in Middle East.

This year, SANY has sold about 200 small and medium cranes to UAE, Oman, Kuwait and other middle eastern countries. The top performance of SANY cranes have won recognition of the local customers.

“The successful delivery of SAC6000 means that SANY large-tonnage machines have opened the international market,” said Sun Xinliang, general manager of SANY Hoisting Machinery.


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