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Epaflex Polyurethanes

EPAFLEX POLYURETHANES is a System House specializing in the production of polyurethane, pre-polymers and polyols formulated for the footwear industry, automotive and construction as well as in the production of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for the most varied applications. They are the first largest non-integrated consumer of pure MDI in Europe  and are able to produce good quality prepolymers/binders for rubbers and stone, polyurea , polyurethane system and PU foams  at  low cost.

Together with Elachem SpA, Epaflex forms part of an industrial group which recently set up a major chemical plant for the production of resins. All the polyesters used for Epaflex’s spray foams are produced by Elachem to permit precise control of the quality of the raw materials and a level of competitiveness to meet the needs of the market.

With two production sites in the northern part of Italy, Epaflex produces high quality advanced materials at competitive price for the construction industry. High quality of saturated polyester resin production is located in Elachem other plant of the group. Saturated polyester polyol for PU foams, TPU, polyurethane systems for footwear industry, polyurethane adhesive flexible packaging and polyurethane coating.

“We are interested in Africa market for our products and we are looking for some distributors. Our products are design for roofing, flooring and waterproofing market “ polyurea  EPAPROOF” and for insulation market “ PU foams EPAFUR” and they are fast products. The advice that we can do to our potential customers is ; if you need fast and quality products for flooring, roofing and waterproofing market Epaflex is a right company. Our long track record and ongoing presence in many foreign markets are also proof of the quality of our products. ISO 9001 certification provides a further guarantee of the excellence of our processes,” explains Gianluigi Menis, CASE division responsible.

The polyesters used for Epaflex’s prepolymers are produced by Elachem to permit precise control of the quality of the raw materials and a level of competitiveness to meet the needs of the market. The range of products in the C.A.S.E. (Coating – Adhesives –Sealants – lastomers) division of Epaflex Polyurethanes has been designed with the idea of contributing to the world of construction and building and industrial maintenance with strong and modern technological and economic concepts.

Epaflex has taken advantage of its remarkable and long experience in polyurethanes, developing it with the needs of the building market in mind with special focus on efficiency and ease of use of its products. The products in the C.A.S.E. division are the result of an innovative technology based on polymers and special formulations that has led to materials without emissions, volatile organic compounds or greenhouse gases.

These materials have faster application times,not much time is required for strengthening, and a construction site that is open for less time costs less and contributes positively to the environment.

Products in C.A.S.E (Coating – Adhesives –Sealants – elastomers) division


Elastomers and liquid coatings

Moisture-resistant and flexible products, resistant to chemicals and abrasion, a few seconds or minutes to harden even in sub-zero temperatures. Typical applications: industrial floors, car park roofing, roofing and balconies, refineries, pipes, sewage treatment plants, encapsulation of asbestos, production plants, mining, off-shore platforms, steel bridges, marine and many more.


Primers and finishes

Primer for strengthening and adhesion promoters for all surfaces. Finishes in high quality resin. Resin decks without joints/welds with the possibility of continuous application on any support and with unusual profiles. High mechanical properties, waterproof, fire resistant and abrasion resistant.


Sealants for joints and grout lines, elastomeric film for technical surfaces, polyurethane solution for aggregates Epaseal is used as a multifunctional joint, such as a sealing material and a filler. It can provide a flexible gasket, durable, resistant to atmospheric agents for all types of building joints. The rapid process of maturation and insensitivity to moisture allows faster installation. Epalining products are elastomeric films for technical surfaces such as metals, wood, ceramics, rubber/EPDM aggregates, glass fibre and marine applications. Epabind are binders for aggregate materials, particularly suited to consolidating rail ballast.


Closed – or open-cell polyurethane spray foams

These are very versatile materials that allow you to provide solutions to many problems regarding insulation in buildings. They combine high thermal insulation, water resistance and structural mechanical properties. Foam insulation in a continuous coat guarantees energy savings of about 30% compared to a building with poor insulation. All Epafur foams follow the concept of respect for the Epaflex environment and do not contain gases or blowing agents other than water. The range also includes foams for injecting into air gaps and for ground consolidation.


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