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Epoxyman Industrial Coatings, South Africa: A leading supplier and installer of Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring systems have become hugely popular today. Used for industrial, commercial, medical, and residential premises, the systems resurface concrete floors and add color to designate walkways or other markings.

They are able to provide a number of performance functions such as slip resistance, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance. They also provide waterproofing and pitch for water drainage and are seamless solutions for hygienic protection. From an aesthetic standpoint, epoxy floors can add decorative finishes and designs to both commercial and industrial spaces, with unlimited color options.

Epoxyman Industrial Coatings, South Africa, is one of the leading epoxy floor systems suppliers and installers in the entire African continent. Founded back in 1999 at KwaZulu-Natal, a coastal South African province, the company has vast experience to supply and cater to epoxy flooring, install and deliver projects at any level throughout South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Epoxyman Industrial Coatings products include;

1. Epoxy Adhesives

Epoxyman carries a large selection of epoxy adhesives, including those used on mortar, wood, and steel.

2. Cleaning chemicals

Image result for epoxy floors Cleaning chemicals

Cleaning chemicals and concentrated acid etch can be used for any DIY epoxy flooring application, or where a diamond grinder has proven to be uneconomical. Epoxyman offers cleaning chemicals that are environmentally friendly and water-soluble.

3. Corrosion repellants

Epoxyman supplies Vinyl Ester Resin Based Systems to protect against corrosion. These products can be applied to both vertical and horizontal surfaces with a spray roller or trowel and are reinforced with fiberglass. In addition, they have excellent chemical and mechanical resistance levels and are sought after as heavy-duty protective coatings.

Vinyl Ester is an alternative to polyester and epoxy materials in the matrix and is used extensively in the marine industry for its anti-corrosive qualities and ability to repel water. It protects against solvents, alkalis, and acids, and withstands extreme temperatures. It also offers a great degree of mechanical and thermal shock resistance without cracking and is used in highly demanding environments. Vinyl Ester is suited for use in chemical, food processing, manufacturing, and industrial plants, and complies with environmental legislation.

4. DIY garage floors 

diy garage floors

Garage floor coatings and DIY epoxy add a layer of protection to floors. They enhance and protect concrete from damage caused by water or chemicals. Also they make it easy to keep these levels clean, and the shine lasts for a long time.

5. Epoxy Grout and Epoxy Mortar

Epoxy Mortar and epoxy grout serve different purposes. Both are a cement-based product, so they harden, and are used for the purposes of masonry and tile work, although they vary with the size of the aggregates that they contain (for example, sand, and stone) and the amount of water that is added to the mix.

Mortar is placed in the joints between bricks or blocks, while someone laying tiles will prepare a mortar bed for the tiles to stick to.

Grout, on the other hand, is intended to flow. It has a higher water content than mortar and a mason, using this filler product, will fill the cores of a CMU with grout. Someone laying tiles will use grout to fill the spaces between the tiles after the mortar has cured.

4. Chemical Resistant Epoxy Linings/ Acid resistant linings

These protect structures, be they made of wood, concrete or steel, from the abrasive activity of chemicals, food, water, and the air in order to extend their lives.

5. Epoxy Walls, Roofs And Epoxy Floors

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Here you will find various solvent-free and solvent-based primers that are fully washable, UV resistant, non-staining, anti-fungal interior and exterior coatings for plaster, asbestos and galvanized surfaces.

The Paint Systems for galvanized surfaces form a duplex coating system to galvanized surfaces. They are extensively used on cellular communication masts and towers. In addition, they result in a high-quality acrylic sheen finish for roofs or epoxy walls.

8. Waterproofing products

These products extend the life of roofs, decking, flashing, and concrete brick masonry surfaces. The new technology in waterproof membranes relies on polymer-based materials that are extremely adhesive and create a seamless barrier around the outside of a structure.


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