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Eromei Road Maintenance Technology Co., Ltd. is focusing on the development, production and sale of new equipment, new material and new technology for the road prevention field; as well as to provide comprehensive solutions of road preventive maintenance for the customers with international leading technology and construction techniques to serve the road maintenance field in China.

Their main products are new maintenance equipment and materials used for complete road surface crack repair series, complete potholes repair series, various seal coat techniques series, manhole cover repair series, bridge crack repair. A professional construction team owned by us is to undertake the special pre-curing projects like crack pouring construction, bridge expansion joint construction and 3 mm seal coat construction. Since establishment, adhering to the enterprise principle of “Innovation, Quality, Service”,

The Eromei equipment help the road department to deal with road problems more effectively and conveniently in daily operation. At the same time, it solves the problem of the shortage of manpower in municipal departments and reduces the work intensity.

Success based on their employees, independent distributorships and most importantly the customers. The company supplies customers with the latest in technology, products and equipment and competitive price. Eromei prides itself with the ongoing training programs, one-on-one exchange of information, and efforts to help its customers achieve success using Eromei products.

Having been keeping independent innovation, absorbing the international advanced development concept and manufacturing technology, launching a broad and comprehensive cooperation with many well-known colleges and universities in China the firm is widely recognized by their customers in this industry.

Emphasizing on the innovative Lin Nicole, sales representative states that, “Our products focus on efficient and low cost maintenance and environmental protection, so that the service life of the road is longer. For example, we have a product that can regenerate and recycle the waste asphalt. The firm takes the end-application demand as the driving force for innovation, the durability as its quality commitment, and the improvement of customers’ comprehensive benefits as the core of the brand’s development.

Infrastructure development especially roads is booming in Africa, thus Nicole urges clients that, “At present, Africa is in the stage of rapid development, road infrastructure is an indispensable link, road maintenance has gradually become an indispensable work, our equipment can help more efficient maintenance of roads”. Through the research and development of professional road maintenance functional equipment, the labor intensity of human construction, the construction safety and the effect of construction work can be reduced, and at the same time, the construction efficiency and equipment supplement can be improved to achieve construction efficiency and value enhancement.

Focusing on the quality products and services have prompt them to win more partners. The company engages with customers to build long lasting relationship. They are always pursuing the comprehensive benefits and quality limits of equipment terminal use that are convenient, durable, and efficient. Even if it is a screwdriver, they replace the stainless steel or Dacromet’s non-rusting.

Eromei Company will continue to focus on the research of the segment of road maintenance, enhance their technology, constantly improve the product structure, and try to moving to be a company owing quality, technology and enterprise culture.