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ESTAMPACIONES CASADO is a Spanish company that focuses on customer satisfaction with high quality. The company covers the field of road marking services with manufacturing, sales and installation of road signs. Our customers are mainly the administration, construction, warehouses, distributors and end customers. The company believes in the renewal and development of its products signposts and also investigates and develops new electronic signaling systems. PRODUCTS 1. RURAL SIGNS These are green signal for roads, places and rural environment. They include the signal for rural media which can be metal wood or adapted in each case to your environment, rural wood panels for greenways, rural roads, green paths and panel trails. 2. COMMERCIAL OR ADVERTISING SIGNS These signs are suitable for companies or businesses that wish to do outdoor advertising through billboards. Some have panels with LED, clock and thermometer. 3. ELECTRONIC SIGNALING These are LED based signals. They are autonomous and programmable or governed via the internet. 4. BEACON These are lights or visible objects or lights that serve as a signal, warning, or guide. The lights come in a wide variety of colours. 5. SIGNS OF BUILDING We have all types of signs for interior or exterior building and environments. We have signs for labeling outdoor, indoor, doors, walls and directories. 6. URBAN SIGNAGE We have all types of signs to use in urban areas including traffic, ports, and street signs. 7. BARRIERS These are road protection which protects vehicles, people and motorists from harm such as the bridge railing. 8. ADHESIVES AND STICKERS These come in varieties and are used in businesses, ornaments, simplicity and leisure. 9. TRAFFIC SIGNAL CODE They are images of traffic signs with your code as standard. The company offers advice on road marking to its clients due to their expertise in the field. Estampaciones Casado has been operational for the past 35 years works nationally in the market of road marking for administrations, municipalities and construction companies such as Ferrovial. CONTACT Website: Telephone: +957292111