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ESTIL GURÚ S.L. is a family company well established in the construction industry with an impeccable track in the market, whose growth has been achieved thanks to the manufacture and sale of waterproofing products.

Since 2006 they have one of the best solutions with membranes for waterproofing and drainage systems which are useful for various purposes:

Tied walk-in showers, wet rooms in home or in public facilities, accessible bathrooms, communal showers in hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, schools, sport centres, swimming pools, gyms, spa areas, balconies, patios etc.

They are also useful in laundries, vehicle wash stations, garbage rooms, industrial kitchens, fish markets, butcher and workshops, roofing, etc and any other business premises indoor and outdoor with floor drain that needs waterproofing protection.

In addition to maintaining its original activity with the commercialization of natural stone, GURÚ develops and brings to market its own waterproofing membrane and its systems.

Product range in this line includes:-

The WATER-STOP membrane with its complements is an ideal waterproofing system which by its nature is suitable and more advantageous than other existing methods in many usual situations, particularly in restorations, reforms and wet area solutions.

The systems to prepare waterproofing walk in shower areas; AKIT in its series EVO and EVOLUX system. Both developed according to the European regulation EN 1253 for floor gully in construction.

They were the first company to manufacture a kit with a waterproof barrier with the characteristics of WATER-STOP and integrated drain outlet, and now they are in the front line again with the new model which is much easier and faster to install and is an improvement of many aspects of the current models. This gives their products an advantage to be the first choice in the market.

GURÚ is constantly striving to develop innovative products, supported by careful investigation in new proposed solutions for construction. It is this attitude that has allowed us to develop a complete range of reliable products, which are designed to meet our client’s needs. They are currently looking for distributors in Africa as they seek to expand their market reach.

Juan Carlos Casanova

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