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Ertecna, Lda dedicates to the research, development, production and marketing of photoluminescent safety signs and is widely known in the marketplace by its product brands Everlux and Sinalux. The company has been in business since 1989 and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Currently serving over 60 export markets, Everlux products can easily be sourced in most African countries.

Everlux is recognized within the fire protection industry as a leading supplier of photoluminescent safety signs and complete photoluminescent Safety Way Guidance Systems (SWGS). The Everlux product range includes, among other safety signage solutions, high luminance evacuation route and firefighting equipment signs, emergency escape plans, and Low Location Lighting systems which are appropriate for industrial, commercial and residential buildings and can thus be of interest also to architects, designers and specifiers of building projects.

According to Everlux’s Tiago Pedrosa export sales manager Most of their products lines are being promoted, sold and installed in Africa and can be found throughout Africa, namely in Nigeria, Angola, Senegal, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Mozambique.

Also Tiago advises end users to be familiar with the luminance properties of the photoluminescent safety signs they are planning to purchase and install in their buildings. The luminance intensity and period of light decay are determinant on how effective a safety sign will be during an emergency situation.

The installation of an Everlux-LLL system will allow potentially life-saving equipment and evacuation routes to be readily identified (at a low location level below rising smoke) and for them to remain clearly visible at all times.

The Everlux-LLL system has been specifically developed to ensure high levels of visibility at all times and in areas that provide unique challenges in terms of positioning and durability.

The Excellence by Everlux safety sign system represents the seamless fusion of safety signs into luxurious and designed environments. Excellence signs provide an aesthetic finish in which all the background colours are emitted, irrespective of the circumstances (presence/ absence of light).

Tiago Pedrosa
[email protected]