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Except Integrated Sustainability delivers concepts and strategies for resilient, just, and inspiring cities, companies, and governance corporations. Since 1999 the firm has been bringing together private and public partners and guides them towards systemic and fundamental improvement, where all stakeholders benefit.

The company applies innovative systemic analysis, develop road maps towards resilience, and execute solutions with inspiring design. Together it helps bridge gaps between sectors to accelerate the frontier of sustainability, and create concepts that are realistic and feasible.

Experts in the organization are a passionate, practical, and dynamic team, known for their interdisciplinary and innovative approach. The team consists of 30 sustainability strategists, researchers, and designers that work around the world, with their main base in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Except provides a full range of sustainability and innovation services for organizations, cities, and industry. They consult, research, design, and manage. The team includes a wide range of disciplines to thoroughly synchronize with the company’s client’s ambitions and reality. Services offered by Except include: Analysis & Intelligence, Strategy, Design & Development, Communication and other signature services.
Their projects span a wide range of topics, including buildings, business strategy, policy research, publications, software and sustainability assessment.

In addition, personnel in the organization develop their own investment projects that define the cutting edge of sustainable development.

They believe in the need of both profitable business and effective government to create the foundations for a sustainable society, as well as support from people globally. To accelerate this, the company helps develop awareness by sharing knowledge in seminars, publications, workshops and with open source licenses.

According to Tom Bosschaert the Director of Except Integrated Sustainability, Globally there is an emerging trend towards increased decentralization as well as bio-based solutions and an emerging policy and business strategy focus on resilience. Understanding resilience, analyzing which systems are resilient and not, and setting out actionable pathways where communities, governments and companies can benefit are potential results from resilience design. The company develops new approaches in this area for companies and governments alike.

Except Integrated Sustainability
Tom Bosschaert MArch. MSc.
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