Extra Vega ventures into real estate and infrastructure in Nigeria

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Extra Vega, an Italian based leading multinational architectural fabrication and Design Company has concluded plans to lead a team of investors from Europe, who are willing to partner with local investors in real estate and infrastructure  in Nigeria.

The company aims at providing affordable housing for the steadily growing population of the Nigerians who are unable to meet some of their housing needs. However, the team of investors are expected to land in Nigeria in August this year. The expected investors are as well expected to offer financial and technical support to the local real estate developers executing genuine projects and are in need of assistance.

According to Mr. Okechukwu Francis Ameachi, Extra-Vega, Milano S.R.L., to Nigeria and Business Broker, besides Nigeria being the most promising market with huge opportunities, the company has also plans to extend its business network to the rest of Africa.

The purpose to enter real estate and infrastructure in Nigeria is not restricted to improving the level of infrastructures or exporting the western know- how to the country, but provide a platform as well where jobs opportunities will be created as well as tutoring workforce under a frame work of training and re-training, targeting to build the country’s human capacity.

Nonetheless, between 5,000 and 10,000 Nigerians will be empowered by the investment. Extra Vega will lead in hosting other investors in the construction sector as well as accommodating a huge percentage for viable support partnership in order to boost Nigeria’s economy from the present realities.

Emmanuel Ogeide, Business Builders Limited CEO urges Nigerians with viable projects which have to do with real estate to come up with a proposition to enable investors buy into their project.

Foreign investors are interested in projects such as residential accommodations, hostels and shopping malls. However, huge population of Nigerians belonging to the middle class create a viable opportunity for investors who are willing to offer affordable housing projects.

Partnering with the Italian investors interested in investing in Nigeria is borne out of the need to boost the housing deficit in Nigeria. Nonetheless, some Nigerians have great ideas with properties that require development, but lack the technical know-how or funds to do so.