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Headquartered in San Antonio TX, FaceKey Corporation has pioneered and patented a family of biometric products and solutions that utilize face recognition and/or fingerprints for identification.

Their products include the EntryGuard™ Access Control, FaceKey™ Time and Attendance and MusterGuard™ systems. The system can be customized to meet ones needs. FaceKey’s family of products has a proven record for time and attendance, asset protection and muster.

Their EntryGuard™ Access Control system is easy to install and operate since it requires minimum training.TheEntryGuard™ Access Control access control products are recommended for both new installations and upgrading existing card reader systems to have a biometric solution. All EntryGuard™ Access Control readers have Wiegand output which means that the biometric readers can easily connect to third party access control system software to replace card readers.

With FaceKey’s Time and Attendance system, one gets versatility, accuracy and remarkable cost efficiency. It is convenient for a client to deploy their emergency resources more effectively with FaceKey’s MusterGuard™ system.

The face and fingerprints identification by FaceKey is key to ensuring a building is secure since these are undisputed identifiers.

The company believes that the TOC (Total cost of ownership) is important for Africa. Their biometric products run on the network, and can be wireless and do not require cards. Accordingly, with a large person count, there will be no issues with unauthorized entry, fraudulent work times, and no cost for cards which can be lost, stolen, worn out, damaged, shared and left at home.

According to Annette Starkweather, Vice President of Operations, biometrics is the only sure way to know who is accessing their facility and work hours. Biometrics equipment requires little or no maintenance and will significantly reduce the admin costs of card or PIN systems. The company seeks a partner in Africa that is prominent and has marketing resources and may be contacted at [email protected]


VP of Ops & Business Development
FaceKey Corporation
Annette H. Starkweather


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