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The team at FEPSA makes them a different company which offers a broad range of special coatings, waterproofing and anti-corrosion treatments, capable of satisfying all consumer needs, both in the industrial and the construction sectors.

To address the new millennium, FEPSA has broached a reorganization and renovation, embracing a modern business competitiveness and work concept. They have enjoyed over 35 years of loyalty and co-operation with the customers, and that is their best calling card.

Experience and research, the past and the future, are the measures they are going to conjugate to attain a more effective present. They are now tackling a new stage with great enthusiasm and innovative concepts, which will undoubtedly lead to the expansion of FEPSA as the top-ranking company in such specialized segments.


Some of their products that set them apart include:


They have liquid elastomer systems which form a continuous membrane with no joins which adheres to all kinds of surfaces. These products are for both industrial and building use. The products include ELAKOSTE, DAN KOTE, and VENALUM.

They also have Cemenkoat Flex system, bicomponent which is component elastic cement for waterproofing and sealing floors and walls of concrete and cement-FLEX CEMENTKOAT. The system comes in two components: LATEXKOAT which is a modified acrylic emulsion milky which gives the cement a great elasticity and resistance to wear and CEMENKOAT: a mixture of cement and special additive pigments. Both products have to be mixed in the ration of 1:1.

Floor coverings

They provide protection systems for floors in industrial facilities or for public usage, such as workshops, factories, garages, sports, halls, hospitals etc. and in particular where a high resistance to chemical and mechanical wear is required. Products in this category include EPOKOTE, EPORIMER, ROADKOTE, POLIURETANOS, EPOXIS and COAT-PRIMER.

Façade Coatings

They provide a special, waterproof, transpirable, anticarbonation and decorative systems, both in colourless and in various colours. Products in this category include KOATEX, ELASKOTE B-4, FIBRAKOTE, VENLOK and PREMIX.

The company is currently looking for distributors in Africa.


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