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FF-Automation’s core automation business is supplying complete solutions for remote monitoring and controlling applications. FF-Automation has over 37 years of experience in Designing and Manufacturing AutoLog automation products and solutions for thousands of remote monitoring and controlling projects and original equipment manufacturers (OEM). AutoLog products and solutions are designed and manufactured in Finland.

They have Remote Terminal units and ControlMan Internet based Cloud Server Service which is used with their RTUs (Remote Terminal Units).

FF-Automation’s GSM-RTU products together with their ControlMan service are used in building automation systems where information is needed by the simple use of a remote. Heating and cooling system applications are typical needs where building owners want to get information on how much energy the building is using.

Small and medium-sized real estate objects can be effectively monitored and controlled remotely using AutoLog ® FacilityMan™ control center. The device has a built-in ADSL or GSM connection to the control room or directly to the INTERNET. Monitored real estate objects can be located anywhere, and equipment maintenance takes place through the network. System functions are optimized for building related application and buildings do not need any other automation equipment. Alerts and reports are displayed at centralized control room and information about fault conditions and maintenance can be transmitted directly to the servicemen.


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