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USA-based Firetrace International has supplied its Firetrace® self-contained fire detection and suppression systems throughout Africa for a number of years, providing dedicated fire protection for a vast array of mission critical in-cabinet equipment.  Applications include electrical control cabinets, above-ground and below-ground fire risks in the continent’s mining sector, and crane and heavy equipment engine compartments in the mining, logistics and construction sectors.

According to Firetrace International’s campaign director Graham Collins their company is focusing in Africa   Particularly in South Africa, Zambia and Ghana and major African countries where mining is a key industry.

Graham also advices or potential buyers to appreciate the importance of providing  mission critical equipment with dedicated, proven fire protection, and appreciate the impact on the company that a fire can have if a piece of mission critical equipment is destroyed.


Firetrace is a tube-operated system that is tested as an automatic fire detection and suppression system that is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Listed and FM (Factory Mutual) Approved.  It complies with a host of international standard and codes, including NFPA 2001:2012, BS EN 15004:2000 and more than 20 other international approvals and listings.  Despite there being in excess of 250,000 Firetrace installations worldwide, there has never been a single reported incidence of a Firetrace system that has been properly installed by a factory trained and certified Firetrace distributor failing to suppress an in-cabinet fire, or false alarming and unnecessarily discharging the suppression agent.  It is available with a number of suppression agents, each suited to a particular fire risk or application.


The latest technological breakthrough from the ISO 9001:2008-certified company is its UL Listed E4 total room fire suppression system that uses 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid.   This new engineered clean agent system delivers a host of substantial and measurable enhancements when compared with traditional delivery systems.  These include superior performance, reduced cost, greater flexibility, improved value, speedier installation and a measurable competitive edge for system installers.


Firetrace International

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