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Established in 1975 Flow Systems is the first manufacturer of wholly locally designed and manufactured Turnstiles in South Africa.

Since then they have expanded their vast range from the just the Mine Turnstiles made especially for the harsh mining environment to the corporate offices of the South Africa’s major cities.

This involved designing and manufacturing turnstiles made with aluminium, stainless steel and glass. For the architects aesthetics place an important role in these buildings and thus FSM had to supply a product that is secure as well as be aesthetically pleasing. The range includes for waist height physical access control barriers such as glass turnstiles and automatic barriers, and full height barriers, such as revolving doors and glass turnstiles. With the current trend in security being access control with biometrics FSM has incorporated this into their design.

In the mining industry Mine Turnstiles for are now designed and built complete with ergonomically enclosures which allow two, or a single biometric reader be it fingerprint or face for example to control the entry and exit of mine workers. For the offices waist height and full height glass turnstiles also work on a similar concept. FSM also offer a Fully Automatic and Cylindrical Access Control Booth with optional built in metal detection

The company sells its products to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Nigeria and Ghana but also Malawi, Congo, Tanzania and Ethiopia

Experts in the company noted that Biometrics is an increasing trend and is becoming more and more popular in conjunction with our vehicle and access barrier systems


Flow Systems Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd

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