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FLY FURNITURE is located in Turkey in an area of 3000m2 in Bursa which is one of the largest industrial cities of Turkey.

They opened their doors to production in 2003 by four professionals.

The four professionals are also expert technical teachers , making the company stand out.

Despite the being established in such a short period; FLY collaborates with world wide preferred D.I.Y Stores, professional interior designers, construction companies, whole-sellers and distributors across the globe.

When FLY Furniture’s eye catching designs meet up with simplicity, modern thinking allows us to have the notion that they are inconceivable to grow both domestically and internationally.

Their aim is to continue to expand their production capacity with best quality materials and unique designs.

They believe that giving value to customers is one of the most important factors in today’s business world, believing that global thinking is the key to a powerful brand.

They have a quality policy that is completely concentrated on processes and customer reliationships; together with after-sales support giving a positive feedback of long term co-operations.

They believe that quality is in the details & at the end of the day these details is what makes them stand out.

They research, develop and produces Eco-friendly products according to world quality standards.

During production, products used such as chipboard are of E1 quality which do not have any toxics affecting the material.

Theirr production capacity is enough to fulfill the demands of their customers both project and standard wise.

They use high quality hardware and according to regional market needs their team is specialized in producing products from economical to high end designs.

Another important point they are concentrated on is packaging, on time delivery and after sales support both in international and domestic markets.

Their aim has always been to develop and research on product development, to continue to value the high technology and design products according to the best quality.

Their products include:

  • Standard and special kitchens
  • Standard furniture