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FoamFatale Greece Ltd. is a fire and safety company that specialised in oil storage tanks, terminals, refineries and power plants. Their company designs, manufactures and supplies the breakthrough Self-Expanding Foam System (SEFS).
The FoamFatale system does not require external water, no need for proportioner, aspirating device, foam chamber, top pourer, just pure fire suppression even for the full surface of a large scale open-top floating roof tank. Their innovative tank fire protection system is designed to save precious time, money and possibly even lives, in the event of a tank fire.
etinguishing time
Advantages and benefits of the FoamFatale system:
– No seawater used
– No water tank, pump, generator, bladder tank, foam pourer or foam chamber required
– No electricity required to operate
– Pressure transmitter for control system
– Low-to zero maintenance
– Reduced insurance cost (fire, business interruption)
– extinguishing time in minutes

Christos Sideropoulos
FoamFatale Greece Ltd
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