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Frigosystem a leading Italian supplier of temperature control equipment for heating, cooling and chilling of water, oil and air continues to enlarge and enrich its range of products, in an ever changing and developing market.

One such development is the improved RACA PLUS ENERGY chiller; with new features which the company claims sets it apart from its competitors. The revised range, which already uses refrigerant gas R410a offering the utmost in energy savings and efficiency has further expanded and developed the product to increase savings and product life.

The new RACA PLUS ENERGY series employs scroll compressors and uses new technology aluminium micro-channel condensers that ensure a premium level of efficiency. This solution also allows the reduction in the volume of refrigerant gas by 40% in comparison to traditional copper/aluminium coils as well as improving the resistance against galvanic corrosion. Micro channel coils are easy to clean as they can be washed with a high pressure sprayer without bending the fins.

These chillers may be specified with dual water circuits providing both chilled and cooled water circuits while utilizing a common return. All RACA PLUS ENERGY and RACA E chillers may further be specified with free cooling to further improve energy savings.

Miriam Olivi, Corporate Sales Manager of Frigosystem, says that their range of RACA PLUS ENERGY chillers sets them well apart from other chillers, having been developed for the heavy duty cycle requirements and precise temperature control of the plastics processing industry. Unlike some chillers on the market today which have evolved or been extended from chillers primarily developed for air conditioning applications where such duty cycles and temperature control are much less demanding.