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Frisomat is an international manufacturer of smart pre-engineered steel buildings. Providing industrial building solutions around the world, they deliver your building anywhere you need.

Thanks to the unique meccano building system (similar to a giant building kit); production, delivery and assembly times are restricted to the absolute minimum. Cold-formed steel forms the raw material of the hangars, lightweight but very strong. In a nutshell: smart, complete, simple and robust steel constructions for all uses, those are the most important characteristics to the pre-engineered buildings from Frisomat.

Besides local affiliates in Algeria and Angola key countries to Frisomat are Gabon, both Congo’s, Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya and Madagascar. The ingenious construction system allows Frisomat to build in any country of the world, on all surfaces, in the shortest time possible. Offering a very wide range of applications, they have a solution fitted to every use. Whether it’s for a warehouse, a workshop, an aircraft hangar, a production unit or a breeding farm, Frisomat pre-engineered steel hangars are the rightful choice for every project, from a small scale building to a giant industrial project.

All steel buildings are available from stock at an attractive turnkey price. Each of the hangars are sustainable, entirely reusable are particularly suitable for use in more complex structures. With over 35 year’s experience, innovation is key to Frisomat. By continuously updating and refining the steel structures, more possibilities are always just around the corner.