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GEA is offering the complete range of components for air conditioning systems as well as for ventilation. Consequently, consultants, contractors and architects can rely on one single partner. All products are perfectly compatible in order to create the comfort desired with highest economic efficiency. Thus, compatibility problems in connection with building management systems are a thing of the past. No matter what solutions are needed: Central air handling units, terminal units for commercial or industrial use, fan coils or air unit heaters, chillers or controls: GEA is the competent partner – as a manufacturer as well as a consultant.

CAIRplus® Modular Air Handling Units

The GEA CAIRplus® (CAIR = Customized Air) range of Air Handling Units supports you in meeting your customer requirements in the best way possible. The new generation offers a large number of model sizes whether an interior or exterior unit, vertical or horizontal installation, one over the other, behind each other, or next to each other – almost every type of installation is available.

Chillers and Heat Pumps
Energy-efficient, compact and highly diversified; the extensive product portfolio of GEA Air Treatment chillers offers just the right model for virtually any requirement.

Fan Coil Units
Decentral air treatment, with top levels of comfort and truly impressive cost-effectiveness. If you intend to realize the room climate you require, you can effectively take full advantage of extensive GEA offerings.

Data Center Cooling
Precision climate control is not just a name to them: it is a promise, a promise that they can keep on the basis of their many years of experience, especially in data center cooling.

Underfloor air conditioning DENCO®-OfficeCool
A personalised underfloor air conditioning system is designed to put the user back in control of their environment. No other system offers such versatility in terms of pinpoint control of individual work areas and ease of installation – the ability to simply pick up and move a LECU (Local Environment Control Unit) to another area when the use of the office layout is changed can be invaluable to both the building occupant and owner.

Gert Bakkeren, Director Product Management says that their products are found in Algeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Libya, Mauritania, Nigeria and Tunisia

GEA Heat Exchangers
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