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Was founded with a vision to constantly strive to deliver premium quality products and services by incorporating manufacturing facilities with advanced technologies.

Incorporated in 2015 with its state of the art facilities located in Gelan, Ethiopia

Positioned as one of the most prominent and dedicated manufacturers and suppliers of TMT steel bars, they deliver corrosion free, thermal and earthquake resistant TMT bars with right ductility and flexibility, manufactured in different grades and diameters.

They use the latest temp-core technology in the manufacturing of TMT bars while reviewing and evaluating all factors involved in the production process to ensure they meet all the quality requirements.

Their rebars are made from 100% imported billets boasting reduced sulphur content resulting in rebar that is durable and strong. In addition, the rebar is well defined and features the most number of ribs per foot totaling to 20% more bonding power to cement.

More notable characteristics of GEC STEEL REBAR include:

High earthquake resistance owing from a high to a great degree of strength, bend-ability, ductility and fatigue resistance.
High corrosion resistance due to the use of HYQST (High Yield Quenched and Self Tempered) technology that gives the rebar a unique and uniform micro-structure.

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