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Gemite Products Inc. offers an innovative waterproofing admixture for concrete with an advanced crystalline technology, that is simple to use and highly economical.  Adi-Con CW Plus, supplied as a dry powder, integrally waterproofs concrete across a wide range of water-cement ratia, and has a minimum effect on concrete setting. Adi-Con CW Plus is mixed with concrete, or mortar, at the time of batching at a typical dosage of 0.8-1.5% by the weight of cement.

By rendering concrete watertight under water head pressure, it significantly increases the durability of concrete, and thus extends the Life Cycle of the structure. The main application of the Adi-Con CW Plus is in construction of water reservoirs, wastewater treatment facilities, secondary containment structures, tunnels, underground vaults, foundations and parking structures.

The key advantages of Adi-Con CW Plus are:
Resists high hydrostatic pressure
Provides integral waterproofing
Reduces the penetration of Water, Carbon Dioxide, Chlorides and other chemicals
VOC compliant
Minimal effect on setting times
Increases concrete durability
Simple use

Anti-Bacterial Admixture for Concrete – Bio-Gard

Gemite Products Inc. also offers a unique anti-bacterial admixture for concrete, designed to provide protection against sulfuric acid, formed by micro-biological oxidation of hydrogen sulfide. This is important in wastewater treatment facilities, in structures such as clarifiers, digesters, manholes, lift (pumping) stations, manholes and sewer systems. Bio-Gard is a liquid admixture, used in a small quantity, (approximately 5 L/per cubic meter), in concrete in precast and on site applications. The admixture provides the protection by preventing the growth of bacteria, which convert hydrogen sulfide to sulfuric acid, on the surface of concrete. The key advantages of Bio-Gard  are:

·         Provides integral protection against hydrogen sulfide formed sulfuric acid

·         No effect on setting times

·         No effect on concrete mechanical or durability properties

·         Permanent

·         Simple to use

·         Economical

According to Gemite Group President, Igor Nikolajev, currently their products are available in the African market and they have an active distributor in Nigeria.  Gemite is looking for other distributors across Africa, and also for a Licensee to manufacture the full range of materials locally for the African market.

Igor Nikolajev, P.E.
Gemite Products Inc.
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