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As a part of Inteno Group AB, Genexis is a leading European product and technology supplier that enables and improves the delivery of fiber-speed broadband connectivity for communication operators and service providers.

Genexis strategy is to develop and supply a wide range of innovative solutions and products such as high-speed residential gateways, smart network terminators, and cloud-based network management. The company offers patented Layer-2 network termination products, Layer-3 Residential Gateways, and In-Home devices for network operators, service providers, and system integrators.

The products are developed under strict principles to support international open standards, secure interoperability between vendors (Genexis’ FiberTwist is interoperable with most OLT vendors of the market), provide the high standards of Wi-Fi performance and coverage, and never to lose sight from efficient installation and user-friendliness. Managed Connectivity is a key aspect, according to the vendor. The Genexis software platform (the CloudSight) provides managed connectivity allowing the operator to have control, not only on the network termination and gateways, but also beyond the gateway in the user network. The CloudSight gives, in real-time and continuously, detailed information on the performance of the users network. It processes statistics and operating analyses opening the door to efficient online and real time helpdesk and support.

Genexis has subsidiaries and offices in Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Finland, Denmark, and Belgium and its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and Eindhoven, The Netherlands. In Africa the company has distributors and suppliers in Tanzania, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Since the African market and its stakeholders in the (ultra)-broadband market, unanimously support an open and free market, where the workings of the competition can play freely, Genexis advises African Regulator Authorities as well as Network Operators and ISPs to support solutions and vendors which:

  1. Support international open standards and interoperability between vendors.
  2. Support the separation of Layer-2’s devices from Layer-3’s devices: i.e. ONT separated from the Gateway (routing and Wi-Fi).
  3. Provide managed connectivity i.e. the tools for efficient and powerful residential connectivity management. Both the ISPs and the Users benefit from manageable connectivity; and
  4. Lastly not to stimulate a retail-based model but rather promote or support the ISP’s (operator’s) choice.

Genexis aims to become the market leader in fiber-speed broadband communication for the residential market by developing and supplying the best connectivity solutions and products for the always-connected home.