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Geo Products takes pride in combining the best possible product with an unwavering environmentally-conscious mentality to provide the utmost in customer satisfaction. Their EnviroGrid geocells are manufactured to exceed the exacting standards of the original developers in the United States Army Corp of Engineers, and adheres strictly to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems.

They sell through a global distributor network. They have been utilized in projects throughout the 7 continents in over 50 countries.

They are committed to the sustainability and advancement of the environment. They supply leading-edge solutions to any soil stabilization problem and sets standards in quality, expertise, and service. As an industry leader with projects worldwide, they provide innovative and cost-effective products.
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Their EnviroGrid geocell are made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), the honeycomb grid filled with various materials provides a solution for erosion control, load support and earth retention projects. The products are lightweight, expandable confinement system that creates an economical, eco-friendly foundation or erosion barrier. Their confinement technology provides a durable soil stabilization, slope and channel protection, and earth retention in projects worldwide. They have also manufactured materials for the LNG plants in Equatorial Guinea.

Their products are unique such that they do not require heavy or specialized equipment for the installation; they can be installed by hand with rudimentary tool where applicable.


Geo Products LLC
PC Lauinger
Technical Director
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  1. BaseCore, on the other hand, is in-stock at our warehouse and available for whatever wood or metal sheds you need. Farms and horse facilities nationwide trust our geocell bases to withstand large amounts of weight.

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