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Geotab Africa – Advanced Fleet Management

About Geotab

Geotab is the world’s fastest growing fleet telematics company with presence in South Africa, Africa, and the Middle East.

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Founded in 1996, Geotab Africa is part of Geotab Inc. which is one of the few telematics companies that designs and develops their own telematics hardware and software.

In service worldwide, Geotab currently has more than 2 million subscribers benefiting from their open fleet management platform, which offers endless opportunities through its Marketplace, Software Development Kit (SDK), APIs and IOX expand-ability that further allows Geotab Africa to create tailor-made solutions and third-party integrations for customers across various industries such as mining, security, government transport, concrete, and container.


Their History

Geotab’s story, which started in South Africa in 1996 just after the creation of vehicles with an OBD-II (On-board Diagnostics II) port and a leap in GPS technology and precision, has always been about transition and innovation.

From South Africa to Canada, where Geotab Inc. was officially established in 2000, and from tracking vehicle location to incorporating new capacities such as Geo-fencing and tracking emission and fuel use,
Geotab and its products have tremendously evolved over the years to meet its customers’ growing fleet management needs.


Their Products

  • Geotab Fleet Management Hardware: Welcome to the most powerful GO device ever. The Geotab GO9 is redesigned from the ground up, featuring a 32-bit processor, more memory, more RAM, and a gyroscope.The GO9 features expanded capacity for further native vehicle support, improved fuel usage support, electric vehicles, and global expansion.
  • Geotab Fleet Management Software: Geotab’s web-based software for fleet management, MyGeotab, is accessible to all Geotab clients.View all data about your vehicles and drivers in one place and use it to create faster, better informed business decisions.
  • Geotab Marketplace: This is where our clients and resellers can find the Geotab solution partners that provide add-ins, add-ons, mobile apps, or overall integration of software that can add even more value to the Geotab solution.It is also a location for custom reports created by Geotab and other partners; and the Input Output Expanders (IOXs) range from Geotab.
  • Geotab Software Development Kit: this offers more data points of connection with robust, scalable, and reliable tools.The SDK features sample code and projects to get first time developers started.


Available Add-Ons to Expand your Telematics Solution:

Driver IDNear Field Communication (NFC) Technology:
Monitor which driver is operating which vehicle, monitor vehicle performance based on driver, and see where each driver is at any moment.

External Buzzer: While the GO9 has a built-in buzzer for driver feedback,
the IOX-Buzz is an external buzzer which makes in-vehicle feedback louder to hear for those working in really noisy environments.

GO Talk: Provide drivers with real-time spoken alerts to ensure they comply with predefined regulations that promote safe driving practices, productivity, and minimizes cost.

GARMIN: Garmin expands conventional fleet management with solutions that are simple while ensuring effective communication and efficiency.
Garmin FMI capabilities range from very basic (messaging/job dispatch) to more advanced control and interaction (sensor alerts, HOS).

Fuel Monitoring: Measure the fuel levels in your vehicle, stationary tankage, or diesel generator.

Temperature Monitoring: Monitor up to four temperature zones simultaneously and transmit temperature readings through your GO device to MyGeotab in real time.

Iridium Connectivity: This one is for companies that work in remote areas.
Through the IRIDIUM satellite network, customers can receive information about their fleet both when drivers are traveling within a cellular network and outside it.

Driver Assist Button: A driver assistance button that allows drivers to alert companies in case of any roadside emergency.

Mobileye Collision Avoidance: Helps reduce the number and severity of accidents in fleets and passenger vehicles, driver infractions, and in many cases provides a reduction in fuel and maintenance costs.

Extend your GO Device’s features even more with IOX-CAN, which enables clients to integrate a broad range of third-party products to report data to MyGeotab.


Six Pillars of Innovation

The solutions pertaining to fleet management offered by Geotab, reflect on their 6 pillars of innovation.

  1. Fleet optimization: Monitor fuel usage, manage vehicle maintenance, plan trips with Route Optimization, and prevent vehicle wear and tear.
  2. Productivity: Real-time tracking, detailed and accurate trip recording, trip and activity management, send routes and view driver statuses, and create custom rules.
  3. Fleet compliance management: Driver vehicle inspection reporting, driver Hours of Service (HOS) management, and minimize traffic violations.
  4. Fleet and driver safety management: Prevent driving accidents, improve driver seat belt habits in-vehicle driver coaching, risk and safety reporting, and instant accident notifications.
  5. Expandability: Expand the use and effectiveness of your Go device by using Geotab Software Development Kit (SDK) to build custom applications and integrate systems. Furthermore, connect with a broad spectrum of apps via the Geotab Marketplace.
  6. Sustainability: Finding balance between customer fleet needs, the sustainability of our technology, and the growing need to protect the environment in which we and others live. Our technology we drive a greener future in the following ways: Fuel Management, Route Optimization and Vehicle Maintenance.

Geotab’s bespoke fleet management solutions are specifically designed to cater for the needs of a variety of industries, unique to fleet type and size.

These industries are:

  • The security industry: Integrated solutions allow for auto-dispatch of the nearest patrol vehicle from map to the client’s location, ensuring optimal response time.
  • The mining industry: Source and Destination is a productivity tool for open-cast mining operations.
  • The cement industry: The drum rotation solution ensures bidirectional and constant rotational monitoring.
  • Public transport industry: Driver Fatigue Monitoring is a solution specifically designed to help the public transport companies better understand and safeguard their assets and passengers against the negligence of their drivers.


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