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GIP facade is a producer of metal substructure for ventilated curtain Wall (VCW). Their service includes the delivery of a comprehensive quality-oriented technical support for their projects. According to the project-specific required façade materials and architectural design elements their technicians and engineers develop the best technical solution.

VECO ® suspension systems offer standard solutions for fixing all standard cladding materials.
Project related complemented the respective standard system by special components. Depending on the customer, GIP provides the complete facade system as a kit. (Substructure, cladding, connecting components included, Planning and supervision)

Together with their partners, their products are guaranteed to be the quality and on-time installation of their cladding systems.

Their service and product range includes: the creation of the necessary planning documents and structural calculations, the delivery of the sub-structure and the required additional components and accessories and supervising by their technical field service.

Their products can be found all over Africa.


Wolfgang Häussler

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