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Africa has experienced rapid urbanisation, and is in need of a modern, efficient and effective traffic and road network to ensure this growth continues. Highways safety specialists, Glasdon International design, manufacture and supply a range of road safety products and can advise on the best traffic systems to install in any location.

Chevron signs are used at bends and roundabouts – sites where vehicles have a chance of leaving the carriageway. These are traditionally rigid, metal structures and can be dangerous and often require regular replacement and maintenance. Chevroflex Ultra™ by Glasdon, is unique as it uses a below ground “snap lock” fastening system and is made of flexible material, which enables the chevron to spring back into position after impact.

Marker posts are multi-purpose and can be used in many situations, such as highlighting hazards, to deter parking and to delineate roads. Glasdons’ Vergemaster RX™ Marker Post is specifically designed to withstand repeated wheel-over collisions with minimal damage.

Glasdon also offers a variety of bollards. The Neopolitan™ range of bollards are the most popular and are the ideal solution for high-risk traffic calming applications where vehicle impacts are expected. Available as a flexible ‘rebound’ bollard or a rigid post.

A speciality of Glasdon is passively safe products which minimise the impact force suffered by vulnerable road users in the event of a collision, making them a safer and more cost effective solution. Chevroflex, Vergemaster and Rebound Neopolitan, are all passively safe. The curved design of these products and high quality light reflectors also provides a wider-angle of approach and enhanced visibility during the day and at night-time, thereby reducing the chance of collision.

Glasdon products achieve the highest international standards. Products such as Chevroflex Ultra chevron, Vergemaster RX marker post, and Advanced Neopolitan bollard can help modernise African road networks and installations are already helping to improve road safety in Egypt, Ghana, Libya, Tunisia and Nigeria.

With Glasdon expertise and experience, you can achieve a cost-effective, low maintenance and safe traffic system. Glasdon are also looking for distributors from all over Africa.


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