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Global Turbine Solutions are leading independent total service providers to owners & operators of GE family industrial gas turbines worldwide.  Their principal business portfolio comprises of the following on GE family frame-3002, 5001, 5002, 6001, 7001 & frame-9001 Gas Turbines:


Global Turbine solutions can supply all the parts for Gas turbines comprising of auxiliaries like main oil pump, hydraulic oil pump, ratchet valve, gear box spares like bearings, quill shafts. for load and accessory gear boxes, gas turbine parts & hardware right from inlet guide vanes till buckets, nozzles shrouds ,controls and instrumentation parts (whether control system cards etc., or field instrumentation like thermocouples, ignition transformers, magnetic speed pickups, vibration transducers .

These parts are sourced by their highly experienced global supply chain officers who are based in USA and India; cater to demand for parts for our customers across the world.


Their  world class state of art workshop situated in Hyderabad India is fully equipped with most modern equipment to cater repairs of all your gas turbine parts including rotors, nozzles, shrouds, combustion lines, transition pieces, bull horns, flow sleeves etc., They also have a dedicated facility for rotor overhauls, which is capable of handling right from frame-3002 to frame-9001 rotors.   This facility is now being expanded to cater their clients for their bucket repairs as well, which is the most critical of all the repairs.  Further the facility is also catering to critical repair like repair / refurbishment of bearings including turbine, gear box and generator bearings.


Global Turbine Solutions manufacture most of the Gas Turbine Parts like IGV, Stator and Compressor Blades, Fuel Nozzles, Oil Seals and Oil Deflectors, Hardware like Nut Bolts and Gaskets.

According to Global Turbine Solutions marketing manager Syed Mohammed Hussain their company have not yet completed any business in Africa but they are looking for active agents to represent them in the continent.

Global Turbine Solutions

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