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GMGen Power Systems was founded in 1992, and rapidly became known on the electrical market of Italy and gained recognition from millions of consumers worldwide. GMGen Power Systems is one of the most popular brands for domestic gasoline and diesel generators as well as industrial diesel generator sets. The products are distinguished by their high reliability, elaborate design, efficiency, low operation noise and they are environment friendly.

In the last 10 years the company has been aiming at increasing production capacities, enhancing versatility and improving quality and reliability of manufacturable generator sets. The company is equipped with cutting-edge production lines ensuring high-grade accomplishment of all process phases from planning to final testing before shipment from factory. All production activities are carried out at the highest level and meet requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

They are capable of promptly responding to their customer’s demand of any level and satisfy their needs. They also offer their customers technical and service support. They sell their generators directly and their products are currently in demand in over 70 countries.

Their portable diesel generators are designed to generate 50 Hz AC electric power with the output voltage of 40/230V and can be used as auxiliary power source where centralized power supply is often interrupted or not available. They have a wide range of possibilities to complete their generator sets with additional options specially engineered for cold or hot climate and high dust level, which make them suitable for Africa’s environment.

Antonio Cavalleri, Sales Manager, advices potential buyers to pay more attention to a companys production processes, because it makes a big difference between high quality products and sham generator sets.

Cavalleri also commented on the emerging trends regarding the product, “Diesel generator sets are necessary in many areas of life: in medicine, development, data-centers, oil output, utility and others. Standards of power supply have become higher every year, especially in areas where a power outage can lead to serious consequences. Therefore high quality generator sets will continue to gain in popularity all over the world.”

GMGen Power Systems
Antonio Cavalleri
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