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greenTEG develops, manufactures and markets solutions for increased energy efficiency and thermal measurements. Their product portfolio includes customizable heat flux sensors (gSKIN®) and thermoelectric generators (gTEG®).

The gTEG® energy harvesting modules convert thermal differences between one side and the other directly into electricity. Serially connected N and P type semiconductors build up a voltage when exposed to a thermal difference (Seebeck-Effect). The gTEG® Energy Harvester acts as an energy source, thus replaces batteries and wiring in a wide variety of settings and applications. greenTEG developed a highly automated production process, which allows high volume out-put at competitive prices per unit.

The gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensor helps you to increase your energy efficiency, to improve your material quality or to add decisive functionalities to your product. It is applied in thermal measurement and control systems where precision and speed are of high importance.


greenTEG AG

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