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Grupel generators is a Genset company with over 35 years of experience in the market. They produce a wide range of generators, equipped with high quality components. They have a wide experience in the manufacture of such equipment with power ratings from 8 to 3500KVA for electricity production.

Over the years they have made a big development in innovation and research. At present Grupel exports about 70-80% of their sales, from which 60% goes to Africa. Grupel is in the front line to offer solutions for the Africa Market.

Their team has the know-how prowess to perform in any type of installation, which includes both the standard generators as well as customized solutions for any particular situation. They are equipped with the best and high technical resources, providing solutions under the harshest conditions in the most diverse situations. They provide technical support and after-sales service, they also offer an added value to their customers, which is; innovation, competitiveness and long term sustainability.

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They sell their products into African countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Mali, Guinea, Uganda, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Chad, Burkina Faso, Mozambique and Angola. Grupel is set to have a branch company in Africa, precisely in Angola.

Grupel generators are designed to work continuously, for a couple of years; they require minimum monitoring, since the GSM system gives information on each step of the data from the generator. They have tropicalized radiators that allow higher temperatures making them favourable to Africa’s environment.

Silvia Marques, Marketing Manager, advices potential buyer to make an analysis on the costs of maintenance and operation, to buy from a trusted company or an authorized dealer who can offer service and advice regarding the product.

Marques also commented on the emerging trends regarding the product, “In years to come, there will be a huge demand for hybrid systems that allow for the use of other kinds of energy source in the same equipment. For instances, the wind and the sun, since the fuel prices are hiking globally. “

Grupel Generators
Silvia Marques
Marketing Manager
[email protected]