Grupel: the leading manufacturer and commercialization of a wide range of generators?

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Grupel S.A., is a leader in the production of diesel generators from 6 to 3500kVA.  The company has more than 45 years of experience and they are present in more than 70 countries with Partners across the globe as their Strategy is global. “Africa represents an opportunity as Energy business is a growing sector in every continent, and Africa represents to us a very important focus of projects developments. Access to energy in Africa today is largely insufficient. Accordingly to some statics almost 63% of its inhabitants do not have access to electricity. This situation is exacerbated by the fact that access to energy is a precondition for many other basic needs, including access to water, education, health and employment, and for services and industry, agriculture, stability, security and territorial balance. Africa can increase its rate of access to energy from 30% to 80% in less than ten years. Initiatives to extend electrification in Africa are already underway. Therefore Africa is a very important market for our solutions,” says Pedro Sendão, Area Sales Manager, Africa, America and UK.

African Presence

Grupel already have a big energy footprint in Africa. Sendao states that the factor of the Language Portuguese give them initially more presence in Angola, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, São Tomé e Principe and Equatorial Guinea, but due to their strategy of global distribution and partnerships throughout the years the firm already achieve more than 27 countries in the continent, from Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Ghana, Kenya, Sudan, Mauritius, South Africa, Zambia, Benin, Côte D’Ivoire, Benin, Gabon, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Cameroon.

“As mentioned previously all Governments direct plan have to ensure that all population has the access to the elementary needs, and one of the major ones is the Electrical power, and established production, transport and correct distribution all over the countries. One of the most common is through Diesel/Gas Power Plants. This way you can allow to villages that has less access to the Grid Energy, to have their own Energy production. Some of Our solutions, as we call them “Fast Track Diesel Power Plants”, for Energy production and synchronizing with the Mains, and Grupel already supplied some, being the latest ones in São Tome e Principe, Angola and Côte D’Ivoire,” explains Sendao.

Grupel Strategy settles on a Global model of reaching everyone. Trust has to be reach over time, and the best way to make business in Africa, make the Brand Grow and keep supporting their products is through a local partners that can provide services to their products so the clients know the equipment is being taken care off.

One of the Grupel strength, besides the good quality and reliability of its products, is their network of distributors that are focused on supporting their clients with the company’s help. They try to establish a compromise agreement between parties in order to support their clients, and this has been the basis for having their generators being distributed in Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, São Tome e Principe, Guinea Bissau, Cameroon, Morocco, Libya, Mauritius, Algeria and Kenya.

Uniqueness of their products

Grupel is a one of the top world quality Generators, with state of art machinery, with a relation to their customers of proximity and offer, and having the Top people team. They provide all range from 2,5kVA portable range , passing to the 1500/1800 rpm up to 3500 kVA and also a dedicated company that can design and concept a power plant, in Low or Medium Voltage, and even at medium speed or projects with gas, Diesel or Combined Heat and Power Solutions.

Some of the most important and unique aspects of their products is the possibility of change, that allows the user to change from an open genset to soundproof option easily and without changing its functionality. Also they use the “easy cleaning”, that allow the clients the possibility in a very easy and fast way to remove the fuel tank and clean it.

Their products have lower welded sections that reduce significantly the oxidation. All components are very high durable components that were selected after qualification of the suppliers and most important after passing in the Grupel tests.

Also they include the Fuel tank, independent from the Baseframe/skid allowing this way, there is a decrease in leakage due to the transportation or movement of the genset with a forklift. Now, this is an independent piece, and there isn’t any contact with the tank. The Baseframe serves as a Bund tank that is one of the most required feature of the installations.

Grupel has a strategy concerning the brands of engines and alternators that can provide the best acceptance, reliability, durability, total cost of ownership, performance and compactness.

Advice on their potential customers

Grupel commitment is to grow and improve as a generator manufacturer, offering a relationship based on transparency, trust and commitment. We will always be available to help you improve your sales, also offering our empathy in difficult times and supporting our clients and partners to overcome any obstacles that may arise. So that in the end, we can celebrate together the achievements they have achieved with dedication and care.

I would like you to know us better and we know that the decisions are in the details, so we take the liberty to send some extra information and that will certainly help to make the right choice,” adds Sendao.