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Heliguy: Advancing The African Drone Industry

Heliguy™ offers a managed service from the UK. Utilizing its logistics network and industry experience, the company has found it is more cost-effective and efficient to supply from the UK.

Through this managed service, heliguy™ has a track record of supplying drones to Africa, including more than £250,000-worth of DJI aircraft to major African mining companies.

heliguy™ is IATA Certified, enabling the company to ship high-powered drone batteries by air, which is essential for global logistics.

The company supports drone programmes throughout Africa, including countries such as Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Namibia and Burkina Faso.

The large projects that the firm have been involved in in Africa

Confirming to this Ruairi Hardman, heliguy™ Business Development Manager, states that the company supports numerous projects and clients in Africa, including some of the world’s largest multinational mining corporations, oil and gas majors, and agricultural operators.

One of these major mining corporations includes a long-standing partnership with IAMGOLD Corporation: A mid-tier gold mining company operating in West Africa.

heliguy™ is also working on a major project to supply drones to a leading telecommunications group for infrastructure inspections, as well as distribution across 19 African countries.

What makes heliguy™ standout from their competitors 

Hardman emphasize that Companies in Africa work with heliguy™ because of its multifaceted approach to the drone industry to facilitate end-to-end workflows and offer a full support system to cater for more advanced large-scale drone operations.

This one-stop-shop industry approach includes proof of concept, consultancy, dynamic hardware supply, drone training, in-house repairs, an R&D lab, and a logistics network which supports international drone programmes: heliguy™’s African client portfolio – which includes multinational mining corporations and oil and gas majors – is testament to this.

Clients also benefit from the pool of experience that heliguy™ has at its disposal, including case studies, BVLOS, extreme environment operations, and experience with rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. This ensures that heliguy™ can build tailored solutions for each and every drone programme and provide continued support throughout the lifecycle of the programme.

Heliguy™’s assured support and rapid repair service are vital for companies in the African mining industry, as the drones are pushed to their limits in difficult conditions and harsh landscapes – with dust, dirt and extreme weather the norm. This support service and access to drone supply and repairs ensures downtime is kept to a minimum.

Meanwhile, the R&D lab has produced a portfolio of innovative products, including a collision-proof cage for the Mavic 2 drone. This cage is being used around the world and is ideal for internal inspection flights, such as mining.

As one of the world’s leading DJI partners, heliguy™ specializes in DJI drones, but its agnostic approach ensures heliguy™ can offer a range of solutions.

Advice to give potential customers /Any information about heliguy™

Ruairi Hardman concludes as he urges clients to choose a drone supplier which can support them at every stage, such as heliguy™.

Starting and scaling a drone programme is not just about a quick one-time purchase: It is about on-going support, from repairs to accessing drone hardware on-demand. Using a drone supplier who can offer this helps with continuity and can plug any gaps during the lifecycle of a project.

It is also important to choose the right drone for your operations. Through years of industry experience, heliguy™ has a pool of knowledge to help customers choose the right solution for their needs and adopt effective workflows, including utilizing software.

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