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HIDROS, based in Italy was formed in 1993 as a distribution company operating in the humidification and dehumidification sector of the air conditioning market. The expansion was rapid and as the knowledge of the market sector increased, opportunities for the development of specialist products were identified.

The decision was therefore taken in 2001 to invest in a production facility and to manufacture their own design products. Since then, the company has added chillers, heat pumps and air handling units to its product portfolio. Today, HIDROS with its qualified staff designs, develops and tests heat pumps, water chillers, dehumidifying systems and air handling units all based on the refrigerant cycle. The total range of Hidros products include standard dehumidifiers with capacities from 25 to 3000l/day and heat pumps and water chillers with cooling and heating capacities from 5 to 900 kW.

In addition to this, HIDROS can offer a wide range of tailor-made machines to meet any customer requirement. Expertise, quality, flexibility and enthusiasm are the other essential elements of the company that ensure they provide a rapid response with appropriately engineered solutions.

Mauro Sanavia from the Sales Department says that their products are of high quality and efficient making them suitable for African environment.