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High performance materials – Haogenplast

ElvaFlex EIA membranes has been produced by Haogenplast using Du Pont’s
Elvaloy/KEE solid plasticiser technology since the early 80’s, following Elvaloy/KEE
commercial introduction in 1976. Elvaloy/KEE (Ketone Ethylene Ester) – A Solid, high molecular weight polymer (cant migrate or be separated from high molecular weight PVC Locking in permanent flexibility and strength), an alternative to liquid plasticizers.

Elvaloy/KEE features: Non migrating water-seal membranes; Flexibility at low temperatures (-35C); Weathering resistnance ; Chemical resistance (fuel, oil, acides & bases, ethylene clycols, corrosion, etc) The general field experience with Elvaloy/KEE materials is for excellent relative performance in containment of waste water and chemicals, potable water liner, reservoir covers etc

Ridge Potable Water Reservoir – Australia (2017)

This design & construction project was to re-furbished a Potable Water Storage where the installed fPP-R materials had reached the end of their service life. The client required the new materials to be able to provide a ling service life with a minimum warranty period of 30 years.

The storage comprised a concrete basin with a Polyethylene geomembrane liner and a fPP-R floating cover. The cover material had lost the protection of its additive package and had cracking failures after 13 years life. The project scope included removal of the old liner and cover materials, remediation of the concrete basin, design and installation of an under liner geosynthetic leak detection system and the design and installation of an EIA-R geomembrane liner and floating cover.

The primary liner and floating cover were manufactured in Haogenplast EIA-R material. EIA selected for its excellent performance with both chlorinated Potable water stored at elevated temperatures and high UV loading experienced in Australia. Commissioning of the liner included a full depth hydro-static test prior to installing the cover. During this testing defects were identified in the concrete structures and the project was delayed to rectify these issues. As EIA doesn’t oxidise it retains excellent weld-ability during its service life and the project delay did not affect the installed quality of the cover.

Drouin Potable Water Reservoir – Australia (2018)

This project was to design and build a new potable water storage in a brown-field location adjacent to an existing storage. The existing storage is to be de-commissioned once the new facility is operational. The existing storage comprised a concrete basin with fPP-R liner and fPP-R floating cover which had provided 15 years’ service life. The new containment system was required to provide a warrantied service life of 30 years.

The new storage is in a brown-field location replacing an existing storage which will be decommissioned once the new storage enters service. The new design included a leak detection system with a cushion Geo-textile over a bi-planer geo-composite drainage layer, sump and gravity drain. Both the primary liner and floating cover were constructed in Haogenplast EIA-R. EIA selected for its excellent performance with both chlorinated Potable water stored at elevated temperatures and UV resistance with Australia’s high solar loading. The lining system was quality assessed prior to installation of the cover by a 1m hydro-static test validating the inlet and outlet structure sealing and the liner floor. This was followed by integrity testing the liner walls by spark testing.

The project on-site commencement date was significantly delayed due to unexpected issues being uncovered at the brown-field site. As EIA doesn’t oxidise it retains excellent weld-ability during its service life and the project delay did not affect the installed quality of the cover.

Cyprus Potable Water Reservoir with PV panels (2018)

A 6,000m2 reservoir cover project in Cyprus, defined and designed to include flexible PV panels attached to the reservoir cover in unique angled manner (designed to exhaust the utilization of the PV panel). First step of PV panels included already as pilot step for future panels to add.

Mekorot National Water, drinking water reservoirs – Israel

Mekorot National water maintains numerous drinking water reservoirs in Israel. Such reservoirs require flexible cover potable-water formulated with extreme UV resistance properties and long warranty period. In addition to: easy repair capabilities over time; low/non extraction of the membrane etc’. Haogneplast’s ElvaFlex EIA is selected as the preferred solution.

AICL Ammonium Nitrate reservoir, 1985 – Haifa, Israel

AICL, a global manufacturer of products based on unique minerals, primarily in three markets: agriculture, food and engineered materials. In the early 80’s, AICL were looking at a long term permanent solution to seal and cover one of its ammonium nitrate (21%) storage reservoir.

The requirement was for material that could withstand the chemical component of the water, while keeping its flexibility, repair-ability and water tight properties for over 25 years. In 1985, AICL installed 25,000m2 of Haogenplast’s ElvaFlex EIA membrane in Haifa, Israel reservoir the ElvaFlex retained its expected performance for over 25 years. Experiencing no migration or other damage the material remained its flexibility and water tight properties throughout the whole period. ACIL decided to reinvest with ElvaFlex membranes again in 2010

Algae growing farm (60,000m2), 1987 – Eilat, Israel

Since 1987 in the vicinity of Eilat, Israel. at the Red Sea. under the rigorous exposure conditions of the south of Israel, an Algae growing farm has been constructed. The original small undertaking now covers an area of approximately 60.000 sqm of growing ponds which contain salt water and minerals in the very high concentration which allows the growing of the preferred algae only.

The ElvaFlex EIA was chosen as potable water membrane suitable for algae farming, ensuring water-tight performance under severe conditions of high UV radiation exposure and high temperature change between day and night. ElvaFlex was also required to maintain excellent chemical resistance to-salt and salt saturated water

Waste disposal projects, 1990 – UK

EFF Supplies Ltd. of Bude, Cornwall, a company specializing in the control of agricultural pollution, produced airtight pillow tanks using ElvaFlex membranes aimed to collect the liquid run-off from grass silage which, under aerobic conditions, normally converts to a highly polluting liquid. Because this liquid is stored in an airtight environment it remains fresh, and can be fed to cattle as a complement to their normal feed


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