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Homa is a well-established company specialized in the manufacturing of submersible waste water & drainage pumps, mixers and supplying associated accessories & fittings. The pumps are primarily used for waste water disposal in buildings, municipal and industrial waste water disposal and treatment as well as on construction sites for surface drainage.

More than six decades of experience in design and manufacturing of submersible pumps has led to an uncompromising attention to quality and strict monitoring of production processes in order to ensure the utmost reliability and long service life of all HOMA products. It is notable that the company carries out the production of pumps and motor up to 500 kW in Germany. Their customers are always able to find the optimum solution for their needs both from a technical and economic point of view.

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The latest innovation is a unique pump vibration analysis system. HOMA VICON indicates any malfunction inside the pump hydraulic, motor bearings and external influences from the pump station. The device is an early detection system that helps prevent cost intensive repairs.

They are a professional partner when it comes to project support as many of their pumps are customized to clients’ or tender specs. Today’s challenge is to provide tailor-made solutions. Their products operate worldwide in numerous domestic, municipal and industrial applications. On the African continent their references include submersible waste water pumps with motors up to 200kW.

Homa is currently pursuing business opportunities in Africa. They sell directly and through agents. They have distributers in South Africa and Nigeria, and are also looking to find agencies in other African countries.

Homa pumps are a robust product, easy to maintain, large free passage for non clogging impellers, which makes them suitable for Africa’s environment.



Homa Pumps

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