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IBG HydroTech: manufacturer of high-quality products in the field of robotics, sewer cleaning and pipe rehabilitation

IBG Hydro-Tech develops and manufactures a variety of different products for trenchless sewer and pipe rehabilitation. Their high-quality products are used in the field of cleaning, robotic (cutters) and lining.

Experience over 40 years together with close team, IBG Hydrotech provides its products and services all around the globe. This allows them to provide market-driven product solutions. The firm sets high standards for themselves and their products.

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Commenting on distributors and the firm’s presence in Africa, Chantal Tessin Marketing Manager states that, “At the moment we are organizing business in Africa from our headquarters in Germany, however we are searching for distributors in Africa and other countries. We are currently working a lot in China and America but would like to prove ourselves in Africa as well’.

She further attests that they are the only producer that offers all products from pipe cleaning (nozzles) to milling robots over liner systems for pipe rehabilitation and consumables. All in one hand. Tessin concludes by assuring clients that, “you will benefit from our German engineering skills. With IBG HydroTech you’ll have one competent contact for all questions regarding cleaning, lining and robotic. We are providing tailor made solutions for your needs”.

Furthermore, the company construct self-sufficient sewer rehabilitation as they continuously improve the quality of their products together with their clients and users. All their products are tested and subject to strict quality controls. Some of their products are:

Cleaning nozzles

IBG presents a wide product range of nozzles for effective pipe cleaning. Nozzles are used for area of pipe and wastewater treatment.

Mechanical Root Cutters

The WaMax milling system from IBG HydroTech is used for the removal of roots, mineral de­posits, concrete, protruding sockets and other rehabilitation prep work. The pressure- and volume-independent control-milling system with small revolutions of approximately 250 rpm delivers effective performance. It works in pipe diameters from 3 to 40 inches. The system can be equipped with liner and rupturing knives, a round saw blade for removing roots and a pipe socket cutter. The system can be driven by process water from the water treatment system as well as recycled water without problems. It can also be used for oval and egg-shaped profiles.


IBG develops different robot milling systems for relined pipes with the capability to negotiate various curve configurations from the single system components up to complex equipped vehicles of all kinds.

The HydroCut robots are powered with high water pressure and are applicable for either circular and egg shaped pipes. The HydroCut HC60 and HC100 models are ideal for house connections and main pipelines with the larger units HC150 and HC200 being self-propelled. Both the HydroCut 60 and 100 models are also available as compact versions combined with a control unit, making them very flexible even at sites with the most difficult access. As well in focus of the IBG development was the easy and flexible handling.

As the second product group besides the HydroCuts are the eCuts – the electric powered supplement to the HydroCuts product range with similar division into size and dimension.The self-propelled eCUT 150 and 250 has a powerful drive. The all-wheel drive and the additional bracing inside the pipe allow driving long distances. The adaptation to the different pipe diameters can be carried out quickly, as only one central screw has to be loosened in the plug-in socket on the robot. In addition, wheel sets with granulate profiles can be mounted for difficult surfaces or poor grip. This improves the traction even further and also allows even more precise milling, as the robot always remains in position, even during strong action.

All robots are easy to handle using a mobile control unit or an integrated in-vehicle control panel. The complete range offers four innovative robots for pipe diameters from 100 mm up to 800 mm ID. All cutting robots have the same high resilience and can be centred using guide rails and a bracing unit. A high milling performance is guaranteed with all cutting heads usable for a wide range of pipe material.


The IBG UV-Patch-System from IBG HydroTech GmbH is a compact and mobile part liner system that allows for the rehabilitation of damaged pipe sections in lengths up to 40 inches and diameters from 6 to 24 inches. It works for defective pipe connections, selective corrosion, pipe cracks, root intrusion, broken fragments, infiltration and ex-filtration. Three UV lamps, 250 watts each, cure the patch that cures in eight minutes.
For lining over longer distances, the IBG UV Systems are going to be used up to a pipe diameter of 64”.

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