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IC Security Products

IC Security is a manufacturer and supplier of specialized security equipment in South Africa. Established in 2009, the company has since become one of the leaders in the security products industry. They are known for top quality, outstanding customer service and affordable prices. They are a proudly South African company based in Johannesburg and supply security and tactical products nationwide.

IC Security strives to manufacture and supply products of the highest quality, ensuring the safety of their customers.

They operate as Specialized Security Systems, a name that is reflective of IC Security’s expert knowledge when it comes to security products.

With the current crime rate in South Africa being what it is, having security measures in place is becoming more important than ever. Security companies need security equipment and gear to protect the lives of their guards and businesses and individuals need to protect themselves and their belongings.

IC Security offers a wide range of products. Their range offers a complete security solution. Their product categories are: Bulletproof Vests, Tactical and Riot Gear, Safes, Security Detection Equipment and Uniforms.

Experts in the company are able to develop security products according to customer’s specifications and needs.
The company advices its customers to request samples of products where possible. Future trends indicate more locally manufactured products instead of imports.

IC Security Products
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