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IDE COMPRESSORS GmbH is a family business whose history is characterized by constant development and technological creativity of the products.

IDE is a successful and innovative manufacturer of compressors who fulfill the strict certification criteria of the Verein Deutscher Manufakturen.

“Manufakturen” stands for the most extensive manual production, the highest quality, great research and development potential and innovation – the conceptual opposite of mass production.

IDE is a modern, decisive company that is always open to new challenges and changes. They want to further develop themselves through related product differentiation and constant service presence in related areas, which ensures the lasting existence of their family business.

In their manufactory, they manufacture products for people and organizations who want the highest quality and the most modern technology for their capital.

Their products are unmistakable and bear the handwriting of highly qualified, handpicked craftsmen and technicians down to the smallest detail, who are internationally successful in a team with management and sales.

IDE proudly points to their motivation, their know-how and their corporate loyalty. They promote knowledge, performance and creativity that create initiative, responsibility and an open culture of conversation.

Their products are of the highest quality and the continuous development through implementing innovative ideas using modern technologies help them gain European reputation.

Constant pursuit of process reliability and the freedom from defects at all levels is what they consider part their company.