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International Green Structures announces new manufacturing facility in Kenya

US based International Green Structures IGS takes another step closer in providing sustainable housing solutions in the emerging markets.

IGS Manufacturing Kenya (IGSM- K) received the first Compressed Agricultural Fiber (CAF) machine from Ft Worth, Texas at the end of last year. The US based team arrived to assemble and commission the CAF Machine, by the end of March 2016 as planned. IGSM-K is a 60,000 square foot (5,600 square meter) facility which required an investment of 670 million KES ($6.63 million) funded primarily by International Green Structures Mauritius Limited and an investor from France.

Phase I will produce enough CAF Panel to construct approximately 4,000 – 50 m² IGStructures annually. IGS will train and certify, in association with the National Construction Authority (NCA) of Kenya local developers, builders and contractors to execute projects faster and more cost-effectively. Phase II is currently under design and will require an additional investment of $715 million KES ($7.0 million).

IGS Manufacturing Facilities are designed to incorporate up to four (4) production lines with each production line requiring 6,000 hectares of rice or wheat straw.

The IGS Economic Model provides far more than houses as farmers are paid to bale, store and transport the straw, which is currently burned or tilled back into the earth. And with each IGS production line, approximately 1,700 local jobs are created across the agricultural, transportation, manufacturing and construction industries. IGS has phase one orders with private customers totaling 1,200 IGStructures, ranging in size from 46 to 92 square meters and is working with other builders to support private projects and government tenders.

“With our second Manufacturing Facility in Kenya (first is in Texas, USA), we have reached a major milestone towards realizing our 10 x 2020 plan, which is 10 – IGS Manufacturing Facilities by the end of 2020. Two down and eight to go towards our vision becoming a reality.” said Richard China, Chief Executive of IGS.

By completing its second IGS Manufacturing Facility in Kenya, IGS plans to gain further success around the globe. IGS is looking to provide building materials. Products and solutions to provide affordable low cost, quality structures and offers a variety of floor plans ranging from houses, schools and medical facilities.

Next Month they will provide a behind the scene tour to key members of the Initiative for Global Development (IGD) Frontier 100. IGD will hold its Biannual Meeting in Nairobi Kenya and with IGS are providing their members a tour of the newly operational IGS Manufacturing Kenya (IGSM-Kenya) in Thika, located just outside Nairobi.


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