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ilevia based in Italy, was started in 2006 as a branch of a company that has been making electric installations since 1966. Thanks to it they managed to define EVE system, the best in class software starting from the point of view of system integrators. They currently boast hundreds of partners spread worldwide. ilevia is taking off and so they welcome companies willing to share their goals join them and their commercial network.

In 2011 they joined the ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) International Fair in Amsterdam. Since then, they have developed a network of system integrators partners from all over the world who help in supporting the end user.

ilevia provides EVE Suite, a complete software suite composed of four different tools which allows system integrators and users to configure and customize a complete home automation system.

EVE Server is the core of the system that manages events, generates sequences and defines the working logics of energy saving. It can be installed on Virtual Machine, RaspberryPi or EVE hardware. It can be connected to the most reliable and widespread protocols at the same time.

EVE Manager is the software for programming the control unit of EVE home automation supervision. You can import ETS projects and add events, timers, sequences, define the smart phone client user interface. OS supported: Windows, OSX and Linux. Up to the capability of the end user, the system integrator can also give the EVE Manager special permissions in order to let it set up the remote user interface by its own. The end user will be free to choose between two different EVE Remote visualizations (CLASSIC and MAP visualizations) and to customize from scratch the interface (Supported clients: OSX, Windows, iOS iPhone/iPad, Android).

EVE Remote is the software that can be installed on Smart phones (Android, iOS iPhone, iOS iPad) and PCOS (Windows, Apple OSX) to let you control the building remotely. Dual view: CLASSIC and MAPn visualizations.

EVE Logic is a tool which allows you to add new functionalities on SEVE system based on your necessities. Plugin modules: Graph Builder (consumptions graphs), Conditional Email (eMail/SMS alerts), Universal Gateway, Irrigation (irrigation system control), Simple Logic (customized logics) and many other.

EVE system does not put any limit on number of users, devices, protocols and modules necessary in the project. Multiprotocol feature allows end users to choose the preferred brands for their systems and allows system integrators to make them work together without any kind of problem (Supported protocols: KNX, Modbus, Bticino, Vimar, IR-Trans, Z-Wave, Aernova, Vivaldi, Sonos, Simons-Voss, UpnP and iBeacon).

What is really unique about EVE system is the price: one price is inclusive of all EVE Suite tools and features. From the smallest project to the biggest one, the price does not change, ilevia provides you with the most complete and cost effective software suite for your Home & Building Automation system.

They make the software for professional people and they strongly believe that the future of Home and Building Automation will always be more energy saving, disability access and smart automation. They work in this direction and invite you to get on board and look at future with them.

They are currently seeking for distributors in Africa.

ilevia Srl
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