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Headquartered in Zug (Switzerland), the meeco Group is a globally operating company with highly skilled, trained, certified and dedicated experts in different fields of energy and energy storage are working as an integrated and well-honed team, supporting the subsidiaries located in Europe, the Indian subcontinent, Africa, as well as in North, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Through their network of partners, joint ventures and their own professionals and specialists, meeco delivers customized clean energy solutions anywhere in the world. In order to address local requirements and community needs, the respective characteristics of culture and language are taken into account. The global corporate structure of meeco also facilitates the broad range of consulting services, which are easily adapted depending on the clients’ necessities.

Africa renewable energy market

Africa is an absolutely important market for meeco as renewable energy provider. They have already realised several solar projects in African countries and are currently in the preparation process for the implementation of further systems.

Solar energy represents a cost-effective and sustainable possibility of establishing a stable energy supply, which is essential for economic development and growth. In Africa, two-thirds of the population do not have this access to consistent electricity supply. Especially the south of Africa misses a well-developed energy infrastructure.

The growing economy and the associated increasing power demand cannot be satisfied with the current energy production. To meet this challenge, off-grid or weak-grid solar energy solutions provide a great chance to reliably supply those countries and their population with eco-friendly, clean power.

Considering the abundant natural resources in Africa and today’s prices of PV system components, solar energy solutions represent a unique opportunity to face the burgeoning energy demand. meeco aim to support African countries and expand the renewable energy sector in order to meet the huge energy demand.

Until today, meeco Group have implemented solar energy solutions in several Sub-Saharan countries. In Kenya, meeco Group is providing Safari lodges with their sun2rope clean energy systems and furthermore with their solar powered electric bikes sun2move. In Zimbabwe, they have realised one of the largest solar facility in the country, a 1,057 kWp sun2live solar energy plant, which saves about 1,339 tons of CO2 emissions per year. The next 400 kWp sun2live solar energy plant will be installed in the third quarter of 2019.

Currently, meeco is planning to support the development of a sustainable tourism in Botswana with their project development and financing model sun2share. Through this business model they aim to promote and speed up the adoption of clean energy options in order to displace polluting and expensive old technologies like diesel fuel generators.

Different from other solar solutions providers

To date, meeco have implemented several clean energy solutions in different African countries – their sun2live ground-mounted solar solution, the sun2safe energy management system, the sun2move electric bikes as well as the solar installation mounted on special ropes sun2rope.

Their renewable energy solutions are Swiss-designed and German-engineered and combine top-tier technologies, advanced materials and complete implementation and long-term monitoring services. Thereby, the abundant power of the sun can be perfectly harnessed and at the same time a high return on investment can be achieved. The renewable energy solutions are flexible in use and completely suitable for customization. 

The combination of Swiss designed and German engineered high-quality energy solutions, the great international network of partners and experts, including the local expertise, the extensive experience of their engineers, consultants and project planners, clearly sets them apart from competitors. meeco is fully vertically integrated for all services their clients might ask and need.

Reliable and affordable clean energy solutions worldwide

The mission of their renewable energy company is to reduce carbon emissions and spur economic growth by creating reliable and affordable clean energy solutions. They further aim to ensure an attractive return on investment for their clients and strategic partners.

Sustainability and environmental protection are their priorities. Creating efficient and sustainable renewable energy projects including intelligent energy storage, especially in areas with unstable grids or remote territories, inspires them constantly on their path towards a clean energy future. Their aim is to enable everyone to benefit from cost effective and environmental friendly renewable power production as an alternative to fossil fuel energy. Their employees and partners are achievers in environmental, economical and social standards.

meeco assume responsibility today – for a clean and sustainable future!