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Industrias Saludes is a Spanish industrial Group, leader in signage, road safety, mobility, LED lighting and urban facilities. They have been working for over 110 years to improve the cities and roads; striving and innovating to make life easier for citizens and to help Public Administrations to be more efficient.

They have a highly qualified professional team who are absolutely committed to the company’s project. Likewise, they have the material means necessary to develop their activities adequately, resources such as machinery and production and logistical facilities, machinery and equipment for horizontal signage and road maintenance, as well as engineering facilities and equipment, R&D, Quality Assurance and Integrated Services. A large commercial network allows us to attend all their customers’ needs with the utmost guarantees in a personalized, agile customer-focused manner, at all times striving to offer the maximum added value and help to achieve their projects successfully.

They are committed to continual renewal and improvement of technological solutions applied to signage, mobility, road safety, lighting and citizens’ information, with the objective of meeting society’s current and future needs in these spheres. They are specialized in advanced technological solutions in electronic signage, LED traffic lights and LED lighting. All their products are designed to achieve the optimum functionality and energy efficiency possible, as well as the minimum negative impact on the environment. We are experts in solar powered systems, even for extreme conditions.

They believe in corroborated innovation: offering end users the latest technological advances yet guaranteeing proven quality and reliability at all times, covering the entire value chain from design to after-sales service.

Being able to offer their customers a complete service in technical consulting is key to fulfilling their projects, through which they aim to ensure that the products we supply will cover their needs and expectations. They are experts in studies on signage, mobility and solar powered systems. Likewise, they specialize in creating technical lighting studies. These are essential for the success of any lighting project, especially in environments governed by strict standards.

Their technical assistance service provides each customer all the support they require to ensure the correct operation and integration of their products and solutions, both during the installation process and throughout their operative life.

Fernando Saludes, the Executive Director at Industrias Saludes advises that for electronic signaling, road safety and road infrastructures, quality and reliability are critical. He adds that price should not be the factor when considering long term results.


Fernando Saludes Garcia

Email: [email protected]